Aging by Design: What Matters Most to Older Adults


As part of the learning phase of Aging by Design, our community partners captured the stories, experiences, needs and preferences of the older adults they serve every day.

Using a variety of methods, including empathy maps, journals, stakeholder labs, and street teams, our partners asked older adults and caregivers about everyday experiences and memorable moments to get a better insight into their needs.

In responding to questions like “What makes you feel like you are part of a community?” the voices of hundreds of older adults from across western and central New York—our friends, neighbors, parents, and clients—leapt off the pages to tell us what they actually need, not just what they want.

We found that while many older adults grapple with the day-to-day challenges that we all encounter as we get older, many others face barriers that come with living in communities that were often built by and for younger people.

As part of the project planning phase of Aging by Design, our selected grantee partners will learn how to apply design thinking to re-imagine how they might address identified needs and reduce triggers of decline among older adults.

Focus Area: Older Adults

Category: Evaluation, Infographic, Report, Toolkit

Date Published: October 24, 2017