The Way Forward: Pursuing Our New Vision

The Health Foundation’s longstanding commitment to supporting programs, partnerships and organizations that improve the health of our community remains strong and unchanged.

We will pursue our new vision through a set of long- and mid-term goals supported by strategies that include: program development, grantmaking, community partnerships and convenings, capacity building, and advocacy. See our Theory of Change on this page for an overview of our new goals and some of the strategic approaches we will use to pursue them. 

Equity Considerations

Our team recognizes this will require a long-term and rigorous commitment to developing and instituting organizational policies, practices and behaviors that are based in the principles of racial and socioeconomic equity. While we acknowledge we are at the beginning of an ongoing journey of learning and improvement, our initial efforts will include (but are not limited to):

  • Engaging with, listening to and learning from experts and leaders in racial and socioeconomic health equity;
  • Proactively building new relationships with grassroots organizations that may have previously faced barriers to working with the philanthropic community;
  • Using our platform to advocate for positive change and challenge policies that perpetuate unfair systems and inequities in health care

Addressing Urgent Needs Due to COVID-19

The world has changed greatly since we first began developing our new strategic plan. This announcement comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated existing inequities, and the resulting economic crisis has put immense strain on community-based organizations on the front lines of these issues. We remain committed to partnering on solutions for the acute stage of this crisis, even as we work to address the long-term issues that cause barriers to health equity.

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Our Theory of Change