Reframing the Big Picture: Annual Report 2023

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When we first embarked on our vision of racial and socioeconomic health equity, we knew that it would require more than the standard philanthropic approach to change. The impact we want to make goes beyond providing funding or starting programs—although we’re very proud of that work, too.

To truly improve the lives of the people we serve, we recognize that we need to use our resources to disrupt structural barriers and change the systems that have an impact on our community’s health.

These systems could be the way we access health care (and pay for it!); how we build communities for people of all ages; what defines a healthy childhood; or what health equity really looks like.

It’s how, together, we change the conversation around health.

This kind of change takes time and effort, but the results—as you can see in our 2023 Annual Report—are worth it.

We’re proud to share these stories of progress and impact, the culmination of years of partnership and hard work.

We are grateful to our grantee-partners for trusting us to work together on these important issues. Together, we’re shifting mindsets, fueling momentum, and helping more people recognize that everyone deserves their best chance at a healthy life.

Thank you for collaborating with us to reframe the big picture.

Read the report here.

Leanne Fiscoe, Chair, Board of Trustees

Nora OBrien-Suric, Ph.D., President


Focus Area: Community Health Capacity, Older Adults, Young Children Impacted by Poverty

Category: Evaluation, Infographic, Report, Toolkit

Date Published: June 13, 2024