Annual Report 2022: Working Together to Make Change

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To Our Community Partners:

Our annual report is a snapshot of the work led by the Health Foundation team and our incredible grantee partners in 2022. Consider it a “zoom out;” but if we could show you the zoom in, what would you see?

You would see hard work happening every day in our community’s nonprofit and advocacy organizations to close the gaps in health care access and build healthier communities. You’d see the challenging, inspiring conversations, shifting power, and learning that happens in our day-to-day interactions with leaders on the front lines of community health.

You’d see a group of moms who have lived through trauma coming together in rooms across Syracuse to support each other in the challenges and joys of parenting.

You’d see the busy team at a community health center making time to see older western New Yorkers not just as patients, but as whole people, and to find out what matters to them most.

You would see our team, after the challenging years of the pandemic, finally together in a space of pure joy as we announced a landmark gift of $9 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott that will help carry our health equity work forward.

You would see a community, still recovering from the impact of the pandemic, reel from one of the worst tragedies we’ve ever experienced on May 14. Then you would see that same community pulling together to take care of each other in the aftermath, and to sound the alarm about the connections between that horror and the racist systems that made it possible.

As we continue in our journey toward health equity, we realize more and more that the most important achievements happen in these everyday moments.

Thank you for your partnership every day. Please enjoy this look back at 2022.


Cheryl Smith Fisher                                                Nora OBrien-Suric, PhD
Chair, Board of Trustees                                         President


Focus Area: Community Health Capacity, Older Adults, Young Children Impacted by Poverty

Category: Evaluation, Infographic, Report, Toolkit

Date Published: June 12, 2023