University at Buffalo Social Work Partnership Program

This program is no longer active.


To help meet the growing need for geriatric social workers, we provided a three-year grant to support the continuation of the University at Buffalo’s Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education.

Initially funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation and integrated into the curriculum at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, our funding allowed the school to continue this program for three years while the university developed alternative funding sources and strategies.

This program was a part of the larger Geriatric Workforce Initiative. Through a series of programs, this initiative aimed to increase recruitment, retention and competence among physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, home health aides and other health care related professionals who serve vulnerable older adults and their families.


Findings from the program indicated that 80 percent of students who participated in the program pursued careers in aging; 98 percent of students described their participation in the program as “highly relevant” and “valuable” to their current professional work; and an increasing number of students chose to specialize in gerontology as a result of the program.

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