Pediatric Asthma Initiative

This program is no longer active.


In Buffalo, three or four out of every five children live in poverty. One of those also suffers from asthma, a condition that often results in missed school, lethargy and breathing problems.

We launched our Pediatric Asthma Initiative in 2007 to reduce the impact of pediatric asthma in Buffalo. Through this program, we worked with pediatric asthma stakeholders to create a sustainable community plan for managing the asthma of children living in poverty throughout Buffalo.

As we began this work, we first commissioned a synthesis of existing research. That analysis found there was:

  • Lack of concrete numbers on the prevalence and incidence of pediatric asthma in Buffalo;
  • Limited publicly accessible data on resource use and impact costs;
  • Limited documentation for existing programs and evaluations; and
  • No specific role designated for health insurance plans.

To gain insight into the daily experiences of children living with asthma, we also conducted focus groups with caregivers, families and providers.

Taking all of this information, stakeholders set specific goals and objectives for developing and implementing a community plan.


In 2009, we released the Pediatric Asthma Action Plan.This Pediatric Asthma Action Plan describes the effects of pediatric asthma on the Buffalo community and includes information about joining the effort to combat this widespread community health issue.

Program Partners

Collaborative Partners

Funded Partners

The Center for Asthma and Environmental Exposure
Western New York Asthma Coalition
The New York State Department of Health