Nuts and Bolts: Improving Fundamentals of Care for Children in Communities of Poverty

This program is no longer active.


Nuts and Bolts was a $2.2 million, three-year program designed to improve physical, mental and oral health outcomes for children in selected communities of poverty in western and central New York. Through this program, we provided strategic investments to organizations committed to, and capable of, increased accountability for outcomes.

By issuing one of our first-ever Request for Proposals, we wanted to reach out to those organizations serving children in zip codes with the most concentrated number of children living in poverty in western and central New York, and organizations striving to achieve a culture and infrastructure that was driven by outcomes, quality and ongoing evaluation and improvement.


Our targeted investments in the 16 Nuts and Bolts grantee partner organizations generated a significant and lasting return towards improving the lives of children in communities of poverty in our communities.

To read the quantitative evaluation of the program, click here.

Program Partners

Collaborative Partners

Funded Partners

Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo
Jewish Family Services
Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
Mid-Erie Counseling and Training Services
Pioneer Camp and Retreat Center
Polish Community Center
UNYNET Buffalo
Diocese of Buffalo
McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy
Syracuse City School District