Fellows Action Network


What do health care professionals do after graduating from our Health Leadership Fellows program? Many carry on the projects they started as fellows, or start new projects with other fellows to improve care for seniors and children.

The Fellows Action Network (FAN) was formed by graduates of the first Fellows classes, and provides a forum for community health leaders to work collaboratively across western and central New York on critical health issues.

Many graduates say their time as fellows created a culture of collaboration from the top down. They graduate from the program more aware of the region’s shared health care needs and how their various organizations’ mission intersect. They’re eager to keep working together.

The Fellows Action Network is comprised of alumni of the Health Leadership Fellows program as well as graduates of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Ladders to Leadership program. These alumni are the lifeblood of the FAN. Some of the graduates have returned to serve as team advisers for current Fellows classes; others have developed projects through their interactions as alumni in the network.

FAN also keeps track of how relationships cultivated through the Fellows program have resulted in collaborations, and how those collaborations have improved health outcomes. Many of the collaborative projects initially begun and funded through the Health Leadership Fellows program have expanded their scope and impact through FAN. See a list of some recent FAN projects that are making an impact on the community here. 

FAN Network Support – Request for Proposals

The Health Foundation for Western and Central New York seeks proposals from community-based organizations to provide network support to the Fellows Action Network.

Click here to read the full RFP details and requirements.

RFP Supporting Documents:

CALL to Action Grants

The Foundation launched the CALL to Action in June 2019 and sent out a call for planning grants to be submitted by FAN members to address barriers to better health outcomes for children and older adults. The Foundation has awarded nine planning grants. These grants are intended as foundations for larger, two-year opportunities for “action” implementation. Please see the breakdown of the nine grants awarded. We will announce the recipients of the final, larger awards when they have been selected.

CALL to Action: Timeline for Demonstration Grants
We are accepting proposals from the CALL to Action grant recipients for demonstration grants throughout 2020. Each proposal must be independently evaluated by the Health Foundation’s board of trustees and receive their approval to move forward.  Before bringing proposals to the board, staff will work with each team to review and revise their proposals. Teams should be mindful of the following timelines:

  • For first quarter review: Proposals due by January 10; decision made at Board of Trustee meeting on March 11.
  • For second quarter review: Proposals due by April 15; decision made at Board of Trustee meeting on June 10.
  • For third quarter review: Proposals due by July 10; decision made at Board of Trustee meeting on September 9.
  • For fourth quarter review: Proposals due by October 12; decision made at Board of Trustee meeting on December 9.