Exhale, The Family Caregiver Initiative

Family caregivers need respite. The role of family caregiver is rewarding and important, but the stress of these responsibilities can have an impact on the caregiver’s physical, emotional, or financial well-being. Respite can come in many forms—an afternoon off, an outing with their loved one, or support from a care worker—but accessing these opportunities can be difficult. That’s why the Health Foundation’s work includes a mid-term goal that family caregivers of older adults are valued and supported.

A collaboration in western New York’s Southern Tier offers an innovative approach to respite, in a way that benefits not only the caregiver and their loved one, but also students and teachers in the community.

Family caregivers are essential to many older adults living in the community who need extra support and compassion. The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, Health Foundation for Western & Central New York, and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation are partnering to recognize and learn how to provide this same support and compassion back to family caregivers throughout western New York and Washtenaw County, Michigan. Exhale – The Family Caregiver Initiative, originally called the Communities Care Family Caregivers Respite Pilot Program, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that give caregivers an opportunity to breathe a little easier. Exhale is managed by The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) with support from Teresa Lawrence (International Deliverables).

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