Phase One – Building Capacity (2018 – 2019)

This multi-year initiative will be executed in three discrete phases that stand alone and build on one another.

This approach follows a less traditional path; in the first phase we asked interested parties to first submit an application to attend two workshops.

Phase One – Capacity Building – Completed

One-Day Trauma Workshops on toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences, trauma informed care in perinatal period and early childhood, intergenerational cycles of vulnerability, provider burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and the role of self-care and resilience (How to define, distinguish, and connect?)

One Day Human-Centered Design Day Workshops on exposure to human-centered design principles, processes, methods, and strategies. (What is Human Centered Design? What makes it different? What are the tools? How might I use it in my agency?)

A spectrum of providers who work with children ages 0-5 and their families participated, including community-based organizations, early childhood centers, faith communities, and clinics.

Participation in Phase Two did you participate in one of the human-centered design workshops in Phase One? We’re gathering feedback on your experience using the Human Centered Design engagement tools. Try out the postcard, empathy map, or emoji wheel with your clients and email to let us know how it went!

The human centered design training is foundational, and attendance was required for participation in subsequent phases of the initiative. If you have any questions about you/your organization’s eligibility please email us at


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