Phase One – Building Capacity (2018 – 2019)

This multi-year initiative will be executed in three discrete phases that stand alone and will also build upon one another.

This approach will follow a less traditional path; in the first phase we ask interested parties to first submit an application to attend two workshops:

One Day Trauma Workshop: on trauma, toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences, trauma-informed care, and early childhood development. (How to define, distinguish, and connect?)
One Day Human-Centered Design Day Workshop: on What is HCD? What makes it different? What are the tools? How might I use it in my agency?

A spectrum of providers who work with children five and under and their families from community-based organizations, early childhood centers, faith communities, and clinics are being invited to participate in learning sessions designed to – provide training and skill development.

These workshops are designed for you to learn about trauma and human-centered design and how to apply them. These workshops will be the foundation of the initiative, and attendance is required for participation in the subsequent phases of the initiative.

To complete the application to participate in expert trainings on trauma and human-centered design, click here.


Letter From The President
One page program overview
women, children and trauma white paper

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