Kevin Watkins, MD

Kevin D. Watkins, MD, MPH

Kevin D. Watkins, MD, MPH, joined the Health Foundation Board of Trustees in 2023. Dr. Watkins is a distinguished public health professional and Medical Director of the Cattaraugus County Health Department. Since November 2009, he has held the role of Public Health Director at the Cattaraugus County Health Department in Olean, New York, where he has led numerous initiatives to enhance public health outcomes.

Dr. Watkins’ professional career is marked by notable positions in the health care sector. He began his journey as a Primary Care Physician at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, where he delivered outstanding patient care in the field. Driven by his dedication to public health, he then served as the Public Health Physician III and Public Health Director at the Wayne County Health Department in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

He serves as a Research Assistant Professor in the School of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. Through his academic work, Dr. Watkins continues to shape the future of public health by imparting his knowledge and expertise to aspiring healthcare professionals.

Dr. Watkins is a member of several influential organizations, including the New York State Public Health and Health Planning Council (NYS PHHPC) and the New York State Association of Counties. He also held the position of President with the New York State Association of County Health Officials, where he played a pivotal role in shaping public health policies and practices.

Dr. Watkins serves on numerous boards, demonstrating his commitment to community engagement and collaboration. He is a member of the Western New York Public Health Alliance, the St. Bonaventure Board of Trustees, the Cattaraugus County Aging Advisory Council, Healthy Community Alliance, the Southern Tier Health Care System, Universal Primary Care, and the Cattaraugus County Community Action, among others.

Dr. Watkins earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Illinois, and his medical degree from Chicago Medical School. He completed his Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) in Health, Policy & Administration at the University of Illinois.