Angela Douglas

Angela M. Douglas

Angela M. Douglas joined the Health Foundation’s board of trustees in 2021. She currently serves as the Co-Executive Director of Vera House, a Syracuse based victim services agency covering all of Onondaga County within New York State. Vera House has existed for more than 40 years with a mission to prevent, respond and partner to end domestic, sexual violence and other forms of abuse.

Her primary work with Vera House is centered in leading strategic planning and execution, organizational/leadership development and change management to increase capacity and deconstruct social norms that maintain sexual assault, domestic violence and oppression, while advocating for systemic change. She works from the understanding that true success, influence and impact will not occur without the pursuit of healing and wholeness in our souls, relationships and overall life. She believes that doing the required personal work will make the greatest professional and community impact.

Douglas has a diverse career experience in education, juvenile justice, alternative dispute resolution, nonprofit leadership and entrepreneurship. She has been designing curricula, training and educational programs for more than 30 years. She holds several training certifications and is a sought-after speaker due to her dynamic and engaging style. Douglas is able to take difficult concepts and bring them into relevance with humor and simplicity.

She has also been a consultant for over 25 years providing infrastructure and program design, capacity building, board development and leadership with grassroots, through mature organizations. She has a particular talent and gift for turning around organization in decline. Angela serves on the boards of New Justice Services, CancerConnects and as Board President and CEO of Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse. Faith based organizing to impact social justice is critical and a deep calling and the Alliance works to see equity and justice be tangible in the beloved community.

Douglas continues to champion and call for accountability among dominant culture organizations and systems in order to be a catalyst for healing and transformation in the lives of those they have committed to serve.

She identifies as a victim/survivor and is passionate about one’s ability to reclaim their life and heal from traumatic and abuse. With this passion, she also serves as the Chair of the Survivors Network that determines to provide voice, presence and action for all of those that have experienced sexual, domestic and other forms of violence. She resides in Syracuse, New York and values time with her husband, adult children, their spouses and grandchildren.