“Innovations in Children’s Health and Well-being in WNY & CNY” RFP

The Health Foundation for Western and Central New York works toward the goal that all young children impacted by poverty are physically, socially and emotionally healthy as they enter kindergarten. The first few weeks, months and years of a child’s life are the most critical – and when children are most vulnerable. The developmental milestones and early learning experiences children have before age five will shape their health and well-being as they grow. Children who miss out on these milestones are often unable to catch up.

The Health Foundation embraces a comprehensive approach to ensuring children under five have a healthy start.  By investing in programs such as Help Me Grow, we have worked to improve systems that serve children.  We recognize that children need healthy moms and strong resilient families, and we support programs and organizations that help achieve those outcomes. We invest in programs that work with children to support physical health, such as Chompers, and social-emotional health, such as PEDALS.

Through this funding opportunity, the Health Foundation looks to support projects that hold promise for improving health outcomes for children impacted by poverty, under age five, by working with children to support their physical, social and/or emotional health.

Up to 15 grants with a maximum amount of $25,000 will be awarded, with a project period of 12 to 18 months.  This opportunity is open to non-profit and public sector organizations in both western and central New York.

Proposals are due to innovations@hfwcny.org by October 5, 2018.  To download the “Innovations in Children’s Health and Well-being” proposal, please click on the link below:

HFWCNY Innovations for Children’s Health RFP, PDF version

Or you may visit “Our Grantmaking Process” on our website, and refer to the section titled “Recent Request for Proposals.”

Questions?  Please email innovations@hfwcny.org