The Urban Safety Net: Bridging Gaps in Care for the Poor and Underserved

With Western New York’s safety net in need of reinforcement, speakers at this event discussed how others are meeting the needs of underserved populations and what our region can learn from these models.

In 2008, the Western New York community lacked consensus about what the urban safety-net should be able to accomplish for underserved populations. Urban residents faced challenges in accessing quality primary care, and even greater challenges in obtaining specialized care such as oral or mental health services, yet the capacity of the region’s safety net was limited.

With WNY’s safety net in need of reinforcement, Sharon A. Baskerville executive director, DC Primary Care Association Ruben P. Cowart, DDS president and CEO, Syracuse Community Health Center, discussed how other regions are meeting the needs of their urban safety-net population and what our region can learn from these models to build consensus and realize change.

This event was part of the “Excellence for Tomorrow: Innovative Approaches for WNY Health Care” Speaker Series that showcased innovative health care solutions to critical issues like racial and ethnic health care disparities, health care access for rural populations, preparing our health care system for an aging population and ensuring children are emotionally prepared for school.

To listen to the recording of the event, click here.

Document: ReachingforExcellence_SafetyNet_Brief