Change the Story, Change the World

In this workshop, internationally recognized speaker, author and consultant Andy Goodman explained why storytelling remains the single most powerful communication tool and offered specific ways organizations can use stories to advance their mission.

Since we first began talking to each other, telling stories has been a powerful way to capture our attention, engage an audience and motivate them to act. As we learn more about how our minds work, we’re also discovering that stories are intrinsic to decision-making and shape our view of the world.

But what kinds of stories should nonprofits be telling? And how? More than 200 individuals from 63 different nonprofit organizations across central New York joined us and The Gifford Foundation to find out the answers to these questions from Andy Goodman, one of the nation’s top experts on storytelling, at ‘Change the Story, Change the World’ in Syracuse on May 5.

Sharing his expertise, along with a few laughs, Goodman taught participants about story structure, the types of stories nonprofits need to be telling and some common pitfalls. Participants also got the chance to work on their own stories and get feedback from Goodman and the crowd.

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