Announcing two new caregiving funding opportunities!

The Health Foundation has partnered with the Brookdale Foundation Group to launch two new caregiver funding opportunities across Western and Central New York!

Agencies that provide caregiving support for people with early memory loss, or agencies that provide supportive services to relative caregivers are encouraged to apply for these two new initiatives.

These new opportunities are offered through the Health Foundation,as are part of two national grant initiatives established through the Brookdale Foundation Group over 20 years ago.

The caregiving funding opportunities are the National Group Respite Program and the Relatives as Parents Program.  A total of ten (10) organizations in WNY and CNY will receive funding for two-years for one of these two programs. The grants are $10,000 for the first year with an opportunity for a second tier grant of $5,000.


National Group Respite Program

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and related dementias have a devastating impact on both people with the disease and their caregivers. AD can lead to premature institutionalization, along with emotional, physical and financial hardship. The Health Foundation will award seed grants to service providers that plan to offer new, dementia-specific Group Respite or specialized Early Memory Loss (EML) programming to participants, along with support to caregivers, in order to help individuals remain in their communities.

The National Group Respite program and the specialized Early Memory Loss Program are both community-based, social model day programs that provide dementia-specific group activities for participants and respite for family caregivers and carepartners.

Proposals for the National Group Respite program are due Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

To enter the proposal process, click here.

Relatives As Parents Program

The Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) aims to develop or expand services for grandparents or other relatives who have taken on the responsibility of surrogate parenting when the biological parents are unable to do so.

Goals of the Relatives as Parents programs are to provide supportive services to relative caregivers are the children they are raising; start new or expand current services in response to caregiver and family needs; provide services and assistance to relative caregivers and the children in their care; establish collaboration with community organizations and other service systems; initiate programs that have assurance of continuity beyond their two-year grant period; and create replicable models of cost-effective, quality services across the region.

Proposals for the Relatives as Parents program are due Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

To enter the proposal process, click here.